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The eco-friendly car sales could double

Posted On Sep 17 2019
The eco-friendly car sales could double
The sale for environment safe cars is to increase in the coming years. There was a Poll carried out by a market researcher company. The reports stated that the number of people willing to buy an electric car has doubled.

People are considering alternative power vehicles

There was a question aroused by Roy Morgan’s CEO in 2018. The question was about the desires to buy an electric car in the future. The questions received a response from 23,8000 people. Their response stated that they are ready to bring the electric cars in their life. The very next year 43,8000 responses got shared. The electric cars use one or several motors to function. These Motors draw power from rechargeable battery packs.

Hybrid Vehicles

There was also a poll conducted for hybrid vehicles. The vehicles gained a surge in interest. There was 62,1000 response to the poll in 2018. The response stated that people are considering a hybrid equipped vehicle. In the very next year, there was a 1,17,400 positive recorded response. This shows the rise in the popularity of the car. Thus, we are on the right path to save the environment.

Recycling – a Boon or a Curse for the Environment?

The response from the public got sorted by Roy Morgan’s CEO. With the response, he established a detailed buyer interaction. These reports stated about the 37,000 Australians. They have decided to buy a brand- new electric car. The car will be there a new mode of transport. But the reports saw a downfall in 2019. In 2018, 45,000 people were willing to buy an electric vehicle. This buy could be Tesla or any other electric car.

Survey & Responses

The survey also stated about the people willing to buy a second-hand electric car. The year 2018 received a positive response from 28,000 people. This number got increased the next year. In 2019, 61,000 people were willing to buy a second-hand electric car. This could bring a change in the car market. The environment can be saved by the use of these electric cars. The number of potential buyers is increasing day by day.

The attitude of the people towards the environment

A Conclusion came up about the electric car-buying public. The people of Australia are in a mood to recycle. They are ready to protect the environment at a rate higher than the average level. The researchers stated that time is spent to advance new technology. They are also willing to do charity.

Interested in the new Technology

Morgan Michael Leucine, the CEO of Roy Morgan stated about the result. He stated the number of Australians willing to buy electric or hybrid vehicles. The number has got doubled in 2019. It got increased over the past 12 months. This increases in the numbers send message to the car manufacturers. The message about the Australians interested in the new Technology. She has even urged manufacturers to meet consumer Desires. The Desire to get a more affordable and low-cost electric vehicle. These affordable vehicles will not be a burden on their pockets or the environment.
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