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How It Works

How Sell My Car Sydney Works Sell My Car Sydney is a well-known name in the car wrecking and removal industry. The firm offers its services to old car owners who want to get rid of their old cars. The firm ensures that the removal and purchase of the old car happen in a way that does not cause any inconvenience to the owner. Thus, it is a hassle-free way for old car removals. We offer great deals to old car owners. We purchase cars of different brands, models, varieties, and ages. Cars in any condition will fetch you a good price if you choose to sell them to us. We have a particular procedure that we follow for the purchase of old cars from their owners. Please read on to understand how the procedure works.

Procedure for the sale of old cars to the car wreckers:-

  • The first and most basic stage includes the owner deciding to sell his/her old car. After making this decision the owner has to contact the car wreckers on their contact number. The contact number and other details of the car wrecking firm are easily available on their official website.
  • Once the owner contacts the car wreckers, the representative of the car wreckers get into contact with the owners as soon as possible. Usually, the time taken to get back to an owner is within 24 hours of the first contact.
  • During these interactions between the old car owners and the representatives of the car wrecking firms, the representatives ask the owners about the details of the car that they want to sell. It is advisable that the owners should know the details about the car in order to ensure that the process continues in a smooth manner.
  • On the basis of the information that the owners furnish about the car that they want to sell, the representatives offer them an instant online estimate of the price that the car wreckers will be willing to pay the owner in exchange for the old car. Along with the information of the car, the estimate also depends on other factors like the estimated market value, industry sales data, etc. However, this is an estimate so the final price may be higher or lower.
  • The old car owners can then make an appointment with the firm. They have to choose a date, time and location as per their convenience for a meeting with the professional from the car wrecking company. This meeting is to allow the professional to check and assess the car in person. This ensures that the owners get the correct value for the car. Once the professional is done assessing the car, he/she makes the final offer. Usually, the offer is open to negotiation so the owners can state the price that they expect in return for the car. If the price that the owners expect is reasonable, the wreckers may agree to it without any changes.
  • Owners do not need to worry about the safety of their car during the assessment. The car wrecking firms employ professionals who have ample years of experience and adequate skills in their field of work. There is almost no chance of any problems. Further, the assessment and price estimate is completely free of cost. Therefore, even if the owners do not agree to sell the car to the wreckers, they do not have to pay anything for these services.
  • Once the two parties reach an agreement, the professional from the wreckers pays the owner in cash. The car wreckers also bear the cost of any paperwork for the sale of the car. The owners can get their old cars at of the company’s buying centers to sell their cars.
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