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Automotive Trends Of 2024: What’s On The Horizon In The Car Industry

Posted On May 21 2024
Car Buyers Sydney

As we look ahead to 2024, the car industry is embracing new and exciting trends that reflect both global innovations and local preferences. These trends are set to redefine the automotive landscape, focusing on sustainability, technology, and consumer behavior changes. This blog post will explain the current automotive trends in the old car buyer industry. 

Automotive Trends In The Car Industry 

Here is an in-depth look at what’s on the horizon in Sydney’s car industry for 2024.

Emphasis on Electric Vehicles (EVs)

The push towards electric vehicles (EVs) is more robust than ever. The city’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and the Australian government’s incentives for EV buyers are expected to encourage more people to switch to electric vehicles. Car manufacturers are responding by introducing a range of new EV models in 2024. These new models have longer battery life and faster charging capabilities. Additionally, Sydney is expanding its charging infrastructure. This has made it easier for residents to own and maintain an electric vehicle without worrying about charging options.

Autonomous Driving Technology

While fully autonomous vehicles might still be on the drawing board, semi-autonomous driving features are becoming increasingly common in new cars. These features include automatic braking, collision avoidance systems, and lane-keeping assist. The features enhance vehicle safety and pave the way for the future of fully autonomous driving. By 2024, we expect these technologies to become more sophisticated, with even more cars on roads equipped with some level of autonomous capability.

Connected Car Technologies

Connectivity is becoming a standard feature in vehicles, and this trend is growing. Cars in 2024 will offer more than just basic connectivity. They will be equipped with advanced infotainment systems and mobile-integrated applications that enhance both the driving experience and vehicle functionality. Features like real-time traffic updates, remote vehicle management, and in-car internet connectivity are expected to become the norm. This helps drivers stay connected on the go.

Increased Use of Sustainable Materials

In line with global trends, the car industry is moving towards more sustainable practices. They are using more eco-friendly materials. Car manufacturers are incorporating recycled plastics, bio-based fibers, and other sustainable materials into vehicle interiors. This shift helps reduce the environmental impact of new cars. Moreover, it appeals to the growing segment of eco-conscious consumers.

Growth in car-sharing and Mobility Solutions

As Sydney continues to face challenges with traffic congestion and parking, more people are opting for alternative mobility solutions. Car-sharing services and on-demand vehicle platforms are gaining popularity. They influence how vehicles are used and shared in the city. These services are expected to grow in 2024, leading to changes in car ownership patterns and a rise in the number of people who prefer access to a car rather than owning one outright.

Personalization and Customization

Sydney’s drivers are showing an increasing desire for vehicles that reflect their personal style and meet their specific needs. In response, car manufacturers in 2024 are likely to offer more options for customization and personalization at the point of sale. This could include various body styles, colour schemes, and add-on features that allow buyers to customise their vehicles to suit their lifestyles.

Focus on Safety Innovations

Safety remains a top priority in the car industry, and in 2024, new safety technologies will be more advanced. Expect to see enhancements in driver-assist technologies and new innovations that help protect passengers and pedestrians alike. The focus on road safety will drive the adoption of these technologies, making safer cars a significant trend for the year.


The automotive trends of 2024 reflect a dynamic mix of technology, sustainability, and changing consumer behaviors. Advancements in electric vehicle technology, autonomous driving, connected cars, and a push towards more sustainable materials and practices will significantly transform Sydney’s automotive landscape. Whether you are an industry professional, a car enthusiast, or simply someone considering a new vehicle, these trends offer a glimpse into the future of driving in one of Australia’s most vibrant cities.

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